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Rachel Caswell has a distinctive, versatile voice and a flexible style….[a] worthy set….
Scott Yanow, DownBeat Magazine (Dec. 2018)

Rachel is a classic jazz singer, with a voice that is velvet and powerful, as happy providing scat as she is just rolling around the lyrics….Jazz singing rarely gets any better than this.
Kev Rowland, Jazz Music Archives (Nov. 2018)

Caswell’s articulation, elegant interpretations and innate ability to caress a lyric and squeeze every bit of emotion from it separate her from the many vocalists in the ultra-competitive, especially for females, jazz vocal category….This is an album made for repeated listens not only for Rachel’s wondrous vocals, but stellar work by each accompanist. 
– Jim Hynes, Making a Scene! (Nov. 2018)

This is a great band…and there is a real band feeling throughout. Caswell is the star, but she’s no diva. She is much better than that: a jazz musician in the company of other jazz musicians.
– Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz (Nov. 2018)

…Caswell’s most-focused recording to date….demonstrates that she has the necessary skills and flexibility to make it as a professional jazz singer on the national scene. She is more than ready to break into the big time.
Thomas Cunniffe, Jazz History Online

This CD…will touch you and make you think. An outstanding effort!
Robert D. Rusch, Cadence Magazine (Oct. 2018)

Bob Dorough’s “Devil May Care” has long been a favorite of singers and Caswell’s rapid-fire delivery against the angular backdrop and delightful scatting keep this decades-old gem fresh….She saves the best for last, wrapping the session with a superb scat vocal in unison with Stryker on Charlie Parker’s “Dexterity,” a skill she displays prominently in this snappy arrangement. If that’s not enough, her magical treatment of “Reflections (Looking Back),” with music by Thelonious Monk and a later lyric added by Jon Hendricks, is lush without being overly sentimental, leaving the listener wanting more.
Ken Dryden, The New York City Jazz Record (Sept. 2018)

Rachel’s flawless tone, creative phrasing and interest in exploring many different genres make her a vocalist with unlimited potential. She excels in finding uncharted paths into well-known songs and has considerable chops as a scat singer.
Ken Dryden, Hot House Jazz Magazine (Sept. 2018)

Jazz vocalist Rachel Caswell’s new album seems designed to soothe us, to heal us, to lift our spirits, and to remind us that (with possibly a few exceptions) we are all capable of love.
Michael Doherty, Michael Doherty’s Music Log (Aug. 8, 2018)

Rachel Caswell is the real deal! A true jazz artist and one of the best improvisers in the genre.
Grady Harp, Amazon.com Top Contributor (Aug. 4, 2018)

Rachel Caswell is an exquisite jazz singer….she is a full-fledged diva with excellent timing, pure tones that swoop and soar like a reed instrument and the ability to improvise with precision pitch and great creativity….and her emotional delivery seals the deal.
Dee Dee McNeil, Muscialmemoir’s Blog (Aug. 1, 2018)

…10 cover songs that Caswell makes sound as though they were hers….What results are beautifully rendered songs that engage both novice and advanced jazz fans.
Dodie Miller-Gould, Lemon Wire (Aug. 1, 2018)

…she’s one of the few modern singers who can scat without adding too much nostalgia….It does all sound so easy, but don’t assume any of this really is.
Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist (July 30, 2018)

Elegant jazz vocals full of life…I can tell you now that you’re going to fall in love with Rachel’s amazing vocal work…superb jazz!
Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews (July 26, 2018)