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All I Know, is that Rachel Caswell is a tremendous musician who sings beautifully. In this duo setting each with Dave and Jeremy, Rachel’s creative interaction is truly equal. She has no place to hide, and she is clearly in control, comfortable, and relaxed. Her tone is gorgeous and her pitch is, simply, sensational! Rachel’s rendering of each tune is engaging throughout her program. BRAVO!
Rufus Reid, Jazz Bassist/Composer

Rachel is a wonderful singer with a deep feeling and a fantastic improvisational talent complimented by a lovely rich sound.
Sheila Jordan, Jazz Vocalist

In a set of duets with only guitar or bass behind her, Caswell digs deeper into the classic songs than the average jazz diva working with a big budget and lush orchestration does. Approaching the songs as a jazzbo rather than a vocalist, the color and depth of the tunes go to a different place. Any fan of any thrush that ever pushed the envelope will find this a winner of a jazz vocal date.
Chris Spector, Midwest Record